Donation of a scooter no one could use

In working with the NGO Shropshire Music Foundation I witness how they use what they have and have to get by with what they don’t. In their efforts to setup their program in Uganda I received an offer from a US manufacturer of electric scooters to donate a scooter to the program. Great news. But from there it became frustrating and disappointing because the opportunity slipped away. It turned out shipping from the US to Uganda was going to be expensive and difficult. Also, the scooter would not perform well on some of the rocky terrain. So a great offer, a great product, but not the right fit. The program could still use some economical transportation there, so we’ll keep looking for them.

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2 Responses to “Donation of a scooter no one could use”

  1. razor e200 Says:

    I think the electric vehicle is getting more popular now a days, Thanks.

  2. Dark Angel Says:

    That explains why NGO’s dont seem to make a difference in Africa. Because they dont really know what the situation is on the ground and never take time to get to know the people, know what they need… that is why they send starving kids crayons. To draw their dead siblings.

    I feel too strongly about this!

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