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NY Times highlights the power of art in Gulu, Uganda

April 29, 2009

For Child Soldiers, a Chance to Wield Brushes, Not Arms. This story is based in the Gulu district of Uganda where the Hope Dies the Last documentary is being produced.

An upcoming trip to Gulu, Uganda

April 21, 2009

To continue the story of helping children survive war, I will need to travel to Gulu, Uganda to witness how the group that started helping kids in Kosovo is now working in other areas of the world. Burim, who grew up benefiting from the Kosovo program now is an instumental part in the ongoing operations to help establish their program in Uganda and Northern Ireland. Traveling and getting around in Gulu will prove more challenging than it was in Kosovo. I’m also seeking funding assistance for this trip I’d like to make in June. I’m working on fiscal sponsorship as I have done with my film in India. As always, anything helps, so if you are interested please email me at